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Anyone out there? [Dec. 22nd, 2007|08:48 pm]


[music |The Twelve Pains of Christmas]

Sorry, it has been a while.. or maybe that's a good thing?

This isn't my best. I think I'm going to continue to rewrite it until I like it, but that might take forever.

*dodges flying vegetables*

Word Count: 129 words. Please don't sue. I just couldn't help myself.
Rating: I don't know.  The f-bomb is used... and it is a little dark and dreary

Olivia knew there were no such things as sure things. Tomorrows were never sure to be seen. Hostages were never sure to be released. Rapists were never sure to be convicted. Molestations were never sure to be reported. Victims were never sure to heal. The world was never sure to be safe. Partners were never sure to stay partners. The latter had hurt her deeper than anything. She had foolishly let Elliot too close to her heart and he had shattered it. He had fucking ripped her heart out and stomped on it. He’d left her. For good. Olivia had allowed herself to fall under his web of lies. Olivia knocked back another whiskey hoping to induce herself into a coma. Tomorrows were never sure to be seen anyway.

Whatcha think? Should I run away and never come back?